Out of Africa

The all exciting Safari is an unforgettable experience and growing up in Kenya and South Africa I have been lucky enough to experience it on several occasions. Seeing elephants and lions may seem like something that could get old fast but no two safaris are the same especially when you’re travelling from one diverse park to another. When you’ve been once you’ll keep coming back for more as you quickly become addicted to the crisp smell of early morning game drives which promise a new close encounter each day. But for some Africa is an exotic idea with notions of danger and back to basics in the foreground blocking out their desire to explore one of the most beautiful and culturally rich continents in the world. This is the type of thinking I hope I can dispel. I may be biased with my African roots but with so much to offer I don’t want you to miss out on this stunning place.

It can be hard to imagine but in the middle of the Masai Maara you will come across some of the most luxurious tented camps that rival the comfort, not to mention the atmosphere of most five star hotels. Don’t get me wrong a top notch hotel can be just what the doctor ordered but there is something special about waking up under canvas on plains teeming with animal life that the Hilton just can’t compete with.


My recommendation for a Kenyan trip that can’t go wrong is a safari holiday at Little Governor’s Camp plus a visit to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an elephant sanctuary. You’ll be guided through the wilderness with the camp’s expert guides, enjoy delicious meals whilst warthogs wander around your table and get an insight into the world of Kenyan conservation. On my last safari we witnessed a lioness taking down a wildebeest so prepare to enter the world of National Geographic where anything can happen during your drive. If you’re lucky you’ll catch a glimpse of the elusive leopard and if not it’s sure to make you return as you continue on your quest.

Wonderful wildlife and scenery aside, the people of Africa are another reason to keep coming back. Friendly is their definer, with smiles on their faces and an amazing ability to make you feel at home even if you’re in a distant land so different from your own.

So all that’s left is for you to open your mind and pack your bags as you uncover the secrets of Africa and what secrets they are.

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