Is West Best?

When you think of Canada I’m sure that it’s the glacial lakes and rugged landscapes of the West Coast that are the first to spring to mind. Photographs of Lake Moraine and Lake Louise are everywhere and usually are the ones used in travel magazines doing a feature on Canada. However, there’s a whole other coast that is just as if not more beautiful that should be on your radar.

The East has so much to offer with beautiful coastal towns, lighthouses upon lighthouses, and oodles of culture. One minute you’ll be experiencing the Scottish heritage of Nova Scotia and the next you’ll be immersed in the French culture of Quebec. There is so much variety throughout the East Coast with each province bringing something different to the table.

While the West is beautiful in its own right, I can’t help but feel that it’s time for the East to step out of its shadow. Take a look at what awaits you on the Atlantic coast.

  • Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

If you’re heard one thing about the East it’s that Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse is a must. You may be one of many tourists trying to time that photo so there aren’t any pesky people unknowingly photobombing your shot but it’s worth the traffic. But the best part is the small village that will make you feel like you’re in Scandinavia.



  • Digby, Nova Scotia

Lovers of Scallops and other seafood delights will want to pay this sleepy seaside town a visit. If you come in August you can catch the Scallop Festival when the town comes alive with fireworks and local market stalls. But one thing you really should do is a clam dig so you can see how the locals make their living with the added bonus of a clam dinner afterwards.





  • Toronto, Ontario

You’re probably more aware of the draws of Toronto with the Toronto International Film Festival putting this cosmopolitan city on the map. But the best part of the city for me was actually Toronto Island. A summer visit is perfect for cycling round the island and enjoying a picnic while looking at the beautiful Toronto skyline.


  • Montreal, Quebec

Mont Royal is the highlight of Montreal as you can escape the city without ever leaving it. You’ll need a day alone to do the park justice because it really is lovely and offers a great viewpoint over the sprawling city below. The Old Town is great for a coffee or an ice cream if you’re there in summer.


  • Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia

Lucky visitors will catch sight of a moose as they walk along the various trails in this national park. The crème de la crop being the Skyline Trail with its spectacular views – it’s also not a bad spot for a run if you’re so inclined.



  • Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

I had amazing sushi whilst here and the scenery wasn’t half bad either! Known as the birthplace of the Confederation, PEI has a rich history and for that it should make it onto your Canadian to do list.


  • Quebec City, Quebec

I absolutely fell in love with Quebec City and its stunning architecture. I’m a sucker for a building and they know how to do them well here that’s for sure. Time your trip right and you could get a Cirque De Soleil-esque performance for free! In the Summer for a week there are circus events throughout the city but the must do is the free hour show they put on down by the water – It’s worth the queuing as you’re treated to an amazing acrobatic spectacle at absolutely no cost!



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