Dairy Free Diaries Pt.1

Food is the focus of any good travel story, at least for me it is. Being lactose intolerant can put a damper on the whole foodie experience, but if you look hard enough you’re sure to uncover places you never thought you’d find. For example, I’m in no means a vegan but sometimes you just want to be safe in the knowledge that something on the menu will be kind to your stomach. I took to the internet before I set off on my travels and I can’t stress enough how research really pays off. Tedious as trawling the web can be at times, you’re usually rewarded in the end, if not by something useful then there’s sure to be a cute cat video.

I found articles on great vegan restaurants in Canada and whenever I could I sampled what they had to offer. In Washington I was with my dairy free friend and that made it so much easier to find places with delicious lactose free options. It’s refreshing to know that there are usually some amazing restaurants that without my food allergy I wouldn’t have stumbled upon.

To help anyone out there who’s either dairy free, vegan or just wants to try something different I’ve made a list of some of the best meals from my trip.


  • Heartwood, Halifax, Nova Scotia

This place is perfect for a serious health fix that will warm you up while truly satisfying that hanger we all experience at some point – or on a regular basis if you’re like me.


  • Doomie’s, Toronto, Ontario

If like me food is life and basically what your social life revolves around then you need, I repeat need, to visit Doomie’s. I’m talking burgers that are completely vegan but are exactly like the meat version in their intense flavour. Add to that Sriracha fries – another personal favourite of mine and a dessert of deep fried oreos and you have a winner.  It was a truly spiritual experience and that is no exaggeration.



  • Bunner’s Bake Shop, Toronto, Ontario

Chocolate chip cookie heaven right here. Thrown in some turmeric infused kefir water and you can balance out the extreme indulgence and over eating that is sure to occur.


  • Hot Cakes, Seattle, Washington

There’s a reason for the queue around the corner at this little hole in the wall, where molten chocolate cakes are the specialty. The great news is that you won’t miss out on the cult experience due to dietary requirements for there is a vegan option – hallelujah.

Sadly no picture as I got stuck in without thinking of the Instagram opportunities – shame on me!

  • Sunlight Café, Seattle, Washington

I had been craving waffles and anything sweet after all the savoury breakfasts that usually come with being lactose intolerant. But there was (SUN)light at the end of the tunnel in the form of lemon poppy seed waffles – terrible pun I know! Anyone in my family can tell you that lemon poppy seed muffins are my all time favourite and the waffle form did not disappoint.


  • Japonessa, Seattle, Washington

Apart from being delicious, Japanese food is usually delightfully dairy free. Latin American flavours are fused with old faithfuls such as sushi and gyoza at this restaurant located just a short walk from the waterfront.


  • 8oz. Burger & Co, Seattle, Washington

While this place clearly isn’t vegan they make a great dairy free milkshake and if you’re a meat lover then this place should be on your list.


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