10 things I love about Washington

With so many movies set or filmed in Seattle I had high hopes for my trip to Frasier’s home town. This beautiful state within the Pacific Northwest was the highlight of my two month adventure across the pond and is somewhere I can’t wait to explore more of. Like Vancouver, Seattle is surrounded by rugged mountains and water so everywhere you look you’re greeted by an amazing vista. Whether you’re recreating scenes from 10 Things I hate About You (guilty!) or capturing the juxtaposition of sleek skyscrapers against the silhouette of Mt Rainier, Seattle is a city that won’t disappoint anyone’s inner photographer.

Perhaps I’m slightly biased as Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks had already constructed this amazing picture of Seattle in my mind but I don’t think anyone who has the chance to explore it will disagree with me – at least not many! So what is it that attracted producers and directors to this West Coast city and to the Evergreen State in general?

  1. There are parks everywhere – they don’t call it the Evergreen State for nothing!


  1. Cultural Institutions are around every corner in Seattle.


  1. Insane natural beauty is only a few hours from some of the state’s biggest cities.


  1. Fairytale trolls hiding under bridges actually exist here.


  1. They even make parks out of old gas plants.


  1. How could you not be drawn to a city where a wall covered in gum is considered art?


  1. The locals are friendly, not to mention photogenic.


  1. Not only do they have mountains covered but they’ve got a spectacular waterfront too.


  1. It looks like this in the fall.


  1. It has a pretty unforgettable skyline.


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