A Bavarian Autumn

For those of you that don’t know me, I am a little obsessed with autumn and by a little I mean a lot. It’s my favourite season because the colours that come with fall are a photographer’s dream. For me there’s nothing quite like an orange hued backdrop to make anything captured by my lens that bit more beautiful.

If any of you out there reading this are autumnphiles (a word that really should exist) then I have the perfect destination for your next fall fix; Bavaria. In the south of Germany, you will find vast countryside filled with mountains and lakes reminiscent of those Canada is so popular for. As you get towards mid October the greens turn to oranges and even to the shade of crimson I imagine the cape Ms Perky writes about in 10 things I hate about you to be. I’m hoping some of you get that film reference as in addition to my love of autumn I will forever be compulsively quoting movies.

Munich is an amazing base for some Bavarian exploration and while my visit was wonderful it was sadly too short. However, this may just be an unemployed girl’s excuse for further travel and general avoidance of the issues that come with adulthood. So for anyone looking for a city break with less of an urban overload and more of an emphasis on impressive countryside and rich architectural beauty, Bavaria is the place for you.

While I wasn’t able to see everything, here are my favourite bits of the Bavarian region that I managed to squeeze in during my autumnal escape.


Nymphenburg Palace




Marienplatz, The New Town Hall


Asam Church


Hohenschwangau Castle



Neuschwanstein Castle


Even if you hate fall, you’ve got to love a fairytale castle right?


It’s like something straight out of Tangled.


And if you’re not into the romantic castles then you’ll love the hiking in this area.


Not to mention the spectacular lakes.


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