Newfoundland, newfound love

My obsession with Canada started back in 2011 when I spent a few days in Vancouver before embarking on an Alaskan cruise. My friends and family have always thought it seemed crazy to fall in love with a place when you’ve barely had the time to explore it. So when the chance to head back to Canada presented itself I jumped at it to see if my love was just a short lived fling.

Newfoundland isn’t exactly Vancouver but it has its own individual quirks and beauty while maintaining that intrinsically Canadian appeal. I found that I was once more falling for the land of moose, dramatic landscapes and wonderfully friendly people while I journeyed across this unique Eastern province.

When I told friends I was heading to Newfoundland I received a large number of blank stares or confused “where’s that?”. For those of you still scratching your heads, Newfoundland is an island off the east coast of Canada where you can find a mix of Scandinavian-esque brightly coloured buildings, endless hiking trails and icebergs among many other things. It’s an island of extremes, whether it’s the rugged landscapes, the unpredictable weather that brings thick fog and moody mists (perfect for an atmospheric Instagram moment), or the stark comparison of the local’s friendliness with the wildness of the island itself. A fusion of celtic history and landscapes, Scandinavian design and Canadian warmth; Newfoundland is one for the bucket lists.

For those of you whose interest has piqued, you’ll find a list of even more reasons to pick Newfoundland below.

  • Whatever the weather it’s sure to be beautiful


  • There’s plenty of waterfalls for you to chase.


  • It’s a hiker’s paradise.


  • Epic vistas await around every corner.


  • You too  could take a selfie at the easternmost point of North America. Hopefully under less drowned rat conditions.


  • A seat with a view. Need I say more?


  • St. John’s, the capital, looks like this from above.


  • Friendly felines help cat lovers get their fix.


  • Even the birds are friendly.


  • Wildlife fans won’t be disappointed really.


  • Last, but certainly not least; ICEBERGS.




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