Falling in love with Riga

For those of you who read As told by Jamie I apologise for my terrible upkeep of this blog. My final year at university completely took over meaning I’ve left you hanging for seven months but fear not with my newfound freedom I promise I will endeavour to be a better mother to this blog.

To catch you up on what I’ve been up to I’m going to finally write about all the places I have had the pleasure of visiting over my hiatus. Hopefully my posts will provide you with some inspiration on where and even when to go on holiday.

Way back in October I was lucky enough to have a break from university and for those of you who don’t know this, autumn/fall is my favourite season. I decided I wanted to go to a less touristy place and having never been to Eastern Europe I thought there’s no time like the present – which technically is in the past as I write this but you get the picture! After a bit of research on what these places looked like during autumn I knew Riga was the one.


Beautiful amber and crimson hues greeted me as I explored this Latvian gem and the architecture of the Old Town was equally impressive. Wandering the cobbled streets breathing in the crisp autumnal air and with the sun shining down on this city break adventure I knew that I was FALLing in love with Riga – excuse the pun, I couldn’t help myself.


Autumn may not be for a while but Riga makes an amazing destination regardless of the season. Here are a few reasons why you should make Riga your next stop:

  • Ornate architecture is around every corner especially in the Old Town.


  • You’ll be treated to delicious food in quaint restaurants like Mio.


  • Their street art features cats, need I say more?


  • It’s the perfect place for Instagram lovers with photo opportunities around every corner. Pensive river shot – check.


  • Any tea addicts won’t want to leave the quirky yet peaceful Kama Tea Hub with its extensive selection of herbal teas.


  • It has the colour and charm of Denmark’s Nyhavn without the hefty price tag.



  • New York is obviously king of bridges but Riga has its bridge moments.



  • You can go for scenic walks along the river and if you go in Autumn this will be your view.



Next time you’re feeling restless make sure you think of Riga, the unsung hero of city breaks. You won’t be disappointed!