Time flies

So I’ve been here for over a month now and cannot believe how quickly time is going. Keeping up this blog is proving more difficult than I thought! Work has been keeping me so busy and to be honest I have been exhausted! But it’s a good kind of exhaustion, I’ve done loads already and am actually beginning to feel more at home over here.

Since the last post I’ve been attempting to top up my tan and eating for England! It’s a good thing I’m going to the gym as I’m pretty sure year abroad does not do wonders for your figure! Last week there was the festival of Sant Joan, which is essentially firework mayhem. Health and safety is so not a big thing here and all of us girls were on edge as little children threw fireworks every which way! Pretty sure my heart lost a few years, but it was amazing being on the beach and seeing just how big a thing it was. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Barcelona in June. Just make sure to pick a spot where there are older people to avoid the kamikaze niños!

Other than that all I have to report on is work which is still fun if not hectic at the moment!

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