Sun, Sun, Sun

Great weather is a definite perk of my year abroad here in Barcelona and I spent the long weekend like any sun deprived English person would, at the beach. I got burnt of course but that comes with the territory when you’re a pale little thing. Note to self: Never forget to put suncream on feet. I’m pretty sure after sun is my favourite invention!

More days like this please

Apart from attempting and failing miserably to get a tan I went to my first flea market with the girls from work. Was really fun and I actually managed to find some good deals. €1 Spanish version of ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’ is my kind of purchase. After a successful day of bargain hunting I spent the afternoon with Christina people watching in the park. People watching is my favourite thing to do and it’s such a laugh. Although in the future we’re going to have to be more subtle as our laughing fit led to a proposal from a creepy 30 year old. There are some seriously odd characters here in Barcelona.

Loving it here so far and hopefully more interesting stories to come!

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