Pacific Northwest

Mountains, glacial lakes, lush forests and some of the most beautiful coastlines are just some of the reasons to visit the Pacific Northwest. Stretching from British Columbia down to Washington, Oregon and Idaho, I’ve been lucky enough to visit each of these states and provinces with the exception of Idaho. For anyone who likes hiking and breathing in some of the freshest air there is, the pacific northwest is the answer to that all important question of where to next?

Last year I took a road trip from Seattle all the way down to Yosemite, passing through some of the most unforgettable scenery, and back. The itch to return to what is often known as Cascadia is always there and my last trip only served to fuel my love for the PNW. Whether you’re trying to blend in with the hipsters of Portland, watching the sun rise over Cannon Beach or hiking one of the many forest trails, these states will give you variety like no other.

You all know that I have a weakness for Canada and British Columbia is by far my favourite province, but if I had to pick a second love it would be the wider PNW. If my hyperbole and over the top description hasn’t convinced you to plan your route, then maybe these highlights will…

1.     Even when you’re in the city you’re never far away from the mountains.

2.     The national parks are something else.

3.     State parks even hold their own.

4.     You could wake up to views of beaches like this.

5.     You’ll feel as though you stumbled onto the set of the Hobbit.

6.     Who doesn’t love a good reflection?

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