Learning to be a Londoner pt.2

The journey towards becoming a Londoner continues despite the wintry weather making me wish for nothing more than a cosy weekend tucked up in bed.

Here’s some things you might want to add to your London list.

  1. If you want to explore but aren’t braving the outdoors, then London’s museums will keep you busy on a wet and windy day. Apart from keeping you dry they’re also architecturally stunning – especially the Natural History Museum.


  1. Take a walk along the Thames at night.


  1. Your hands may be frozen from the cold but get out and make the most of the brisk early mornings before the rest of the city wakes up.


  1. Wherever you are in London always take in the buildings. New or old they make for some great photographic material.


  1. Visit your nearest park and just people watch your lunch break away.


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