Learning to be a Londoner

I am no longer a country girl. A new job means swapping rural landscapes for the urban sprawl of London.

I think it’s so easy to let time slip away and suddenly realise you’ve barely scratched the surface of where you’re living when faced with the reality of the working world. But so far I’ve come across peaceful parks, beautiful architecture and great restaurants and I’m hoping to make this a regular feature. For any of you visiting or living in London here are some ideas to add to your list!

  1. Get lost walking through the streets of Chelsea and be treated to splashes of colour.


  1. Pay St. Dunstan-in-the-East a visit. Really amazing to see these church ruins hidden amongst all the new builds.



  1. Pretend you’re in Japan in Holland Park’s Kyoto Garden.



  1. Walk along the river from Monument and take in the mix of architecture.


  1. A general piece of advice from me is to look up. Sometimes we need a change in perspective.


I’ll be back with much more to see and do in London, so stay tuned!

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