Invisible blogger

Hello, hello, hello!

So I have been shamefully silent and absent from the blogosphere these past few months, but I am back! These six months in Spain have been jam-packed but I’ll fill you in quick and post some pictures to show what I’ve been up to before getting back on track.

I have moved three times while I’ve been here but am now in a great flat with three fab English girls and really enjoying it. I never really understood housing stress until I left England. Little warning if you are thinking about moving to Spain, really check out the flats as the landlords have pretty much all the power so you can lose a deposit even if your contract is broken!

Other than the constant moving I went to see my future fourth year housemates in Mallorca and had a fantastic time. And the latest news is my weekend trip to Brussels to see my mum for a girly catch up. Belgium is seriously beautiful and practicing my French has made me seriously excited for the next instalment of my year abroad in Nice.

With my time here in Barcelona coming to an end I’ve been cramming in loads of stuff and have just had a ball, but I am definitely excited to get back to England for some home comforts!

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