Spot the tourist

A bit of a belated post about my first day trip here in Catalunya. On Sunday my new and lovely flatmate Marite and I visited the Monastery in Montserrat. It’s a beautiful place to visit up in the mountains with great views. As a lover of all things architectural I had a great time as all the buildings have really intricate designs and made for great photos. But the biggest thing to report from my excursion was me forcing myself to climb up this monument in spite of my serious and I mean serious fear of heights. As soon as I saw the thing I said to myself NO WAY. Yet as I watched Marite scale it and sit at the top posing for awesome pictures I realised I had to do it. You see I’m a sucker for a good Instagram shot! Plus I’m on my year abroad, a so-called once in a lifetime opportunity so I’ve decided to live with no regrets. This tourist is preaching YOLO.

I made it!
The things I do for Instagram!
Looking calmer than I felt
Looking calmer than I felt
Beautiful Basilica
Beautiful Basilica

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